Reflexology: Foot reflexology (also reflexology or reflex zone therapy) is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine that assumes that all organs and body parts are connected to places on the feet. Reflexology divides the sole of the foot - some include the hands and ears - into zones that correspond to parts of the body such as the heart and liver and states that the massage of these zones restores an unimpeded energy flow throughout the body. and / or maintains, and that the sole of the foot can be felt with which corresponding organ something is wrong. Reflexology believes that energy flow is the basis of our health and that illness is said to be the result of energy blockages. However, this is contrary to modern medicine (pathology and physiology), which links disease to demonstrable pathogens such as viral and bacterial infections, or to factors of a genetic nature.

During the massage we do your hands and feet. First your feet will be washed in a massage bath, then your hands and then we start with reflexology.

This treatment takes an hour. You lie on a heated bed so you don't have to get cold. It is a comfortable bed with a back support that can be raised and your legs bent. You also lie on your stomach for a while so that we can reach your feet. Then turn around and lie down or sit down. You can also get a delicious cup of tea during your hand massage or wait until after the treatment. a wonderful experience that you must have done once.

60 min = 60 euros