your own private gym instructor

Not at your home, but at It Paradyske

Do you want to lose weight or do you want to gain weight? you want to get fit or you want to build muscle? you want to get stronger or you want to get fitter and build muscle, well you can. Please contact me and I will tell you more or we will make an appointment for you to come and have a look. We are not a gym, but someone who is passionate about sports and health and knows how to train.

So here on location you can train and train in complete privacy and no one to look at you what you look like no one looks at what you are wearing as long as you feel comfortable and enjoy your workout. If you train against your will, you will stop after a few times, but if you like where and how you train, you will want to come again and again. And that's what I like to see people who enjoy exercising, especially when they see results.

60 minutes price on request

from 12.50 per lesson ten lessons - start phase

Greetings from It Heidenskip