relaxation massage lomi-lomi

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The reasons for a relaxation massage are very diverse and differ from person to person. The majority of all those who regularly have such a massage are looking for relaxation and want to reduce their stress in the first place. Stress can be the cause of a wide variety of health complaints, such as:

  • Pain and chronic pain

  • Stiff and sore muscles

  • All types of back pain

  • Neck and shoulder complaints

  • Headaches and migraines

A relaxation massage can bring relief and soothe the pain and in some cases even (temporarily) make it disappear.

During and immediately after a relaxation massage you will experience its beneficial effect. A relaxation massage can provide:

  • Better blood circulation

  • Purifies your body by removing waste products faster

  • Faster muscle recovery

  • Restores muscle cramps and returns your lost muscle strength

  • Loosen cramped muscles

  • Provides more mobility

  • Gives you extra energy

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Increases your natural resistance

  • Reduction of stress

  • Work against depression

  • Feeling less tired

  • Good digestion, healthy intestinal flora and smooth bowel movements

  • Rebalances your hormones

  • Provides better concentration and a stronger nervous system

  • What to Expect:

  • Lomi-lomi massage

  • Usually, massage therapists begin a lomi-lomi session by gently placing their hands on you and standing still for a moment. They may ask you to take a deep breath to help you relax. A traditional practitioner can incorporate other rituals such as chants and music. Often more of your body is discovered during this massage than during a typical Swedish or deep tissue massage. That's because therapists rarely massage one body part at a time. Instead, they move in long smooth movements that can start, for example, at the top of your shoulder and go all the way to your foot. Some therapists use massage sheets in the usual way, only exposing larger areas of your body at a time. The more traditional practice is for the therapist to cover your genital area and breasts with small towels. Lomi-Lomi is best known for long, smooth, dance-like movements, often using the forearms and copious amounts of oil. But because there are so many styles, the details of a massage can vary. Gentle strokes and joint rotations are common in this massage, just like the massage therapist massaging two parts of your body at the same time, for example with one hand or forearm on your shoulder while simultaneously massaging a hip with the other hand or forearm. Massaging two areas at the same time as well as the long smooth movements are believed to promote harmony and balance in your body. Traditional lomi lomi always includes belly massage because the Hawaiian tradition considers the colon in the soul or heart of a person. Benefits of this massage are the same as those of other types of massage in terms of relaxing muscles, promoting circulation and releasing blocked energy. The difference lies in the Hawaiian traditions woven into the massage,

  • 60 minutes = 65 euros