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The Story of Medium Marqueritte

The Way It Should Be

Hello My name is Marqueritte Jeanette Clasquin and here in Friesland in It Heidenskip we live (me and my husband) (4 dogs 8 cats), and oh yes the three hedgehogs, but I don't know where they are on a beautiful farmhouse "it Paradyske" . The massages that you can find here include Relaxation massage, Hot-Stone massage, Anti-cellulite + Cupping, Bamboo-Massage.

I am also a Medium, Hypnotherapist and Personal Life Coach but you can read about that at .. .

Since many people are Spiritual it is important to me that you not only believe in the Divine, but that you also take good care of your body by eating good and healthy food. You must have heard of The Body, the Mind and the Soul. that means we have to take care of it. Enough exercise and that is why I also teach men and women in movement, tailor-made movement because not everyone wants to participate in the Olympic Games, you can think of a programs for strength training / or a training for a specific sport or you might want to lose weight or gain weight ?. But not only that, your body also needs rest and relaxation.

I can see when people have blockages in one or two of their chakras and you can also remedy that with massage so that people feel good about themselves again and have enough energy to go through the day.

. You often see that people retain moisture and massage is especially good to do. But we can also say it safely, it is also a wonderful feeling to be massaged, to loosen all stiff muscles a bit and the special feeling that you are being massaged with oil is also a soulful feeling. And it is good that you also do something for yourself, because why not even spoil yourself.

To lower the threshold, you can always come and talk first and see where you end up.

It is my Universal task to guide people towards a positive and happy future so why not add a wonderful massage. There is no shame here all the bodies are the same one just a little thinner than the other and no one sees you, you lie comfortably with towels over you if you want, nice and warm and if someone does not want that then not.

The room is wonderfully heated and I can also heat the massage bed and warm oil on cold days everything to make you comfortable. I hope to welcome you here and then you can also take a look at my collection of homemade angels and jewelery made of gemstones and of course we have delicious incense in fruit and floral scents (jasmine, lavender, vanilla, kiwi etc.) Everything to complete the spiritual combination. But even if you are not Spiritual, you are very welcome here.

I lived in South Africa for 25 years and had a wonderful childhood there in Cape Town, Evertsdal in Durbanville and Melkbosstrand one of the nicest places to live. I can thank my parents for once making that choice to move to Cape Town. I cannot imagine a better childhood. At times like this, I wish you could log into my subconscious mind and see all my adventures.

But I still went back to the country where I was born. And as a Dutchman I am proud to be able to live and live here because it is a beautiful country and Friesland really is a country of its own with its own language, "ha yes" that's how I experience it and I already feel a bit Frisian . Frisians are not as stiff as they say no, you just have to get to know them. It is here in Friesland where I would like to meet you, that you can experience the tranquility as I do, and then after a wonderful massage you feel good again and then say " when can I come again, to wonderful Friesland".

I wish you a very nice day or a relaxing evening with your family.



Medium Marqueritte

If you would like to learn more about your Body & Mind Connection, I would like to refer you to. where you can also shop in our spiritual webshop .

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