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Hot Stone Massage

Hot-Stone Massage 90 min

Heat is a sign for the body that you can let go.

The Hot-Stone massage as we know it today originates from the Indians. They used to use lava stones that had been heated to treat fellow tribesmen with chronic pain. This turned out to be a very effective way because lava stones can retain heat for a long time when they are heated and therefore have a beneficial effect on chronic pain, whereby these affected muscle groups are relaxed, which ultimately leads to a reduction in pain. As mentioned, the Indians used volcanic stones, which have been polished over the centuries by erosion of water, sand, etc. They selected the stones on the basis of weight and shape. The Indians spoke of these stones of the 4 elements, of which they thought the stones were formed by: Water, Wind, Fire and Earth.

Why would you choose a Hot-Stone Massage?

  • Feels your body healing

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Increased metabolism

  • Feeling warmth

  • Feeling healthy

  • Feeling balanced

  • Reduced Stress

  • You feel rejuvenation

  • you feel relaxed

  • and simply because it is so tasty, warm and relaxed.

Hot-Stone Massage 90 min = 85 euros

Hot-Stone-massage: Store Policies
Hot-Stone-massage: Store Policies
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