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The aromatherapy massage, more than a nice scent

Aromatherapy massage is usually thought of as a nice relaxing massage where you use a certain scent to achieve a certain effect. This is of course also the case, but there is more ...


First of all, essential oils not only affect the psyche, but also the skin. They can even enter the bloodstream through the skin, causing therapeutic effects such as relaxation, waste removal, etc ... In addition, aromatherapeutic massage oil

always has a base of 100% natural cold-pressed fatty plant oils. And fatty plant oils are more than just an intermediate ...

The basis of a real aromatherapy massage oil is 100% natural and consists of a cold-pressed fatty plant oil or a combination of several cold-pressed fatty plant oils. The use of vegetable fatty oils is often limited to intermediates during massage, but deserves a more important place in aromatherapy and massage treatments.

The body produces its own protective oil, 'sebum' or sebum, which consists of fatty acids and glycerides. Sebum is produced by special glands in the skin that are controlled by hormones that are especially active after puberty. As people age, the production of this natural moisturizer diminishes. People from the Mediterranean produce more sebum, and you can see that the skin ages less quickly than in people with drier skin. Fatty plant oils are very similar to the natural skin fat (sebum) and serve as a natural substitute.

Essential oils are very effective when used for body massage. They mix easily with base oils, are easily absorbed by the skin and penetrate very deeply into the tissues. The essential oil must be mixed well with a base oil before skin contact (e.g. wheat germ, avocado, and / or almond oil)

60min - 65 euros