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Anti-cellulite massage + Cupping

Cupping not only stimulates your blood flow, but also your lymph system and nervous system

Cellulite is a long-term accumulation of fat cells in the body in combination with disturbed blood circulation and moisture removal. It is harmless but in many cases causes frustration. Via specialized massage - fat breakdown massage and cupping - we ensure that the waste products and the broken down fat cells are removed through an improved blood flow and extra stimulated lymph system. This volm of massage is intensive with beautiful results.

Cupping therapy is an incredibly ancient and universal treatment method that was common in the East and the West. In Shamanism, the primitive shamans specialized in sucking out diseases and weaknesses from the body by means of hollowed-out animal horns. Cupping was a way of removing poison from snake bites and wounds. The therapeutic uses of cupping have evolved over time under the influence of the diverse cultures that have adopted cupping. The horns were also replaced by bamboo cups, which were then exchanged for glass cups.
The oldest references to the use of cupping come from China. Along with Tuina massage, acupuncture and herbs. Cupping is part of these traditional body works and physiotherapy of Chinese medicine. Writings from 28 after. Chr. and a traditional saying claims that acupuncture and cupping cure more than half of ailments. Cupping is applied to the acupuncture points. According to Chinese medicine, cupping stimulates blood circulation and clears chi blockages. Cupping also prevents pathogenic external influences from getting a grip on someone with a weakened physical condition. a weakened physical condition is often the result of a weakened “Jing Chi” which stands for essential vital life energy. This can then lead to a weakened "Whey Chi" or immune system. Cupping would also have been used in China for operations to divert the blood away from the place where the surgery was performed. The Bellabaci massage is without bruising as with traditional cupping therapy. If we let the cups stand, you will of course get this “Cup Kiss”. This massage is done with the help of Bellabaci medicinal silicone vacuum cups, by squeezing the center of the cup and placing it on the skin, a vacuum is created in the cup when it is slowly released. By moving the cups in a certain order, a new successful treatment has been developed. This new treatment has a relaxing and healing effect. It loosens adhesions, it removes waste and moisture and brings oxygenated blood to stagnant muscles and the skin. This treatment can be integrated in many massages.
Cupping 75 euros