Acupressure massages

With an acupressure massage I use the acupuncture points, as with an acupuncture treatment. Only I do not use needles, I only work with my hands and I use an appropriate massage oil. This can differ per person.

What can it do for you?

The effect of an acupressure massage is that you relax wonderfully. But blockages can also be removed, so that your energy will flow completely again. As a result, tensions disappear from your body and pain complaints can be significantly reduced. Sometimes it even happens that someone falls asleep during a massage, it can be that relaxing. On the other hand, most people come off the massage table full of energy and have the feeling that they can take on the world again. And that is of course also the intention, that you can let go of all tensions and stress and continue as reborn.

Usually an acupressure massage is given as support in the total treatment of a person's complaints. These can be both physical and psychological complaints. During the massage I can let you feel where the problem is and how we can solve it. In addition, I can also give exercises that you can do at home to promote recovery.

But the body consists of 60% water and therefore it can sense all frequencies. They have found out that every meridian and every point on the meridian has a different frequency and to ensure that everything stays in balance I can use frequencies with different body diseases and problems and thus regain a certain balance in your body.

What I do is while I massage the certain meridian I play the corresponding frequency for 3 minutes and then the next and then the next

In China, the human body is considered a network of energy channels (meridians).

We work with the twelve main meridians (also called energy orbits) and eight wonder meridians in the doctrine of the five elements.

These meridians connect the outside of the body to the inside of the organs. So that through massage, you can influence the energy points on the meridians and stimulate the condition of internal organs.

The starting point is to restore the balance and to reduce the complaints.

60 minutes

75 euros

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