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Massage of woman in spa salon. Girl in m
Geniet van het gevoel van warme olie die over uw huid stroomt, warme handen die over uw lichaam strelen, haal naar haal met een  verwarmd bed die uw lichaam warm houdt totdat ...u zich mag omdraaien voor de volgende sensationele sessie.

Treat yourself to a wonderful massage. Come to Friesland for a day out

Here you can smell the clean air, take it into your lungs and breathe, then the massage, a relaxation massage or a Hot Stone massage, it does not matter, because when you walk out of here you will feel reborn. Body and Mind Massages.

Here you can smell clean air, take pure oxygen to your lungs and then the wonderful massage, a relaxation massage or Hot Stone massage, it doesn't matter, because when you leave "It Paradyske", you always feel reborn. You can do everything again, you feel your energy flowing again and you feel like doing everything again. I invite you to come and meet us, so that when you come for your appointment you will feel reassured and relaxed.

  • Gift cards available: Body and Mind Massages

  • Five-ride ticket - 250 euros for 5x one-hour relaxation massage.

  • Ladies try cupping - Chinese way of losing cm.

  • Train one on one with your own instructor

  • and what a wonderful body Salt Scrub

New: Ayurveda facial massage - duration of 40 minutes for men and women. a very Special experience for information see the Face-massage page.

Body and Mind Massages in Friesland

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Massage kamer, automatisch in hoogte verstelbare bed, bed-verwarming. Dubbele douchecabine met stoom functie en waarin de zout scrubs gedaan worden. Toilet aanwezig.  Tijdens massage wordt er zachte achtergrondmuziek gespeeld en het  licht wordt gedempt. 

Alles om u tot rust te brengen en 


Entree naar It Paradyske "Where angels get together"

Jacuzzi en infrarood sauna ruimte alsmede relax en fitness. 


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Body and Mind Massages

Pamper, relax, dream away while you get a wonderful massage. Ultimate pleasure.

Feel good about yourself again so that you also radiate positivity to others.

For more information click on one of the massages below.

Did you know that a massage produces happiness hormones?

Click on the massage of your choice for detailed information or scroll down for a quick read.

Home: About Us

Hier op It Paradyske hebben  we tal van voorzieningen en services aan om uw verblijf tot een waar genoegen te maken. We doen ons uiterste best om comfort en gemak te combineren, zodat we u de aandacht en luxe kunnen geven die u verdient.  Ontdek wat we te bieden hebben en boek vandaag nog uw verblijf.

Voor leden met een goude bage hebben wij een super aanbieding. Verblijf een weekend- bed & breakfast en u krijgt van ons 2 x massages van 35 minuten helemaal gratis erbij. Een weekend bed & breakfast kost € 295,  twee nachten en de dag van vertrek mag u uitchecken om 18:00 zodag u nog een hele dag kan relaxen in onze heerlije jacuzzi

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Eten en drinken

Ga niet voor uw afspraak een enome maaltijd eten, eet iets kleins en drink en glas tomatensap. 

Na uw massage mag u vragen voor water. Ik heb kleine flesjes water.  Heerlijke alle gifstoffen die vrijgekomen zijn afvoeren  en uw lichaam weer opladen met een heerlijk glas Friesland water. 

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Massage Vragen

Ja u ligt helemaal bloot op mijn massage tafel. Wilt u dat echt niet geef dat aan. Voor alles is er een oplossing.

Massage of woman in spa salon. Girl in massaging spa salon. Luxary interior in oriental th
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Wat verwacht ik van mijn massage leden.

Ik verwacht dat u voor uw afspraak thuis doucht, waarom u verwacht tocht ook dat ik mijn handen wast voordat ik u masseer.


Hygiene is belangrijk, thuis op uw werk en ook hier op de massage tafel. 


Komt u direct van uw werk hebben wij  een douche klaar staan. 

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Discover the healing power of Massages e

Brief description of Massages

Relax from head to toe for an hour during a massage and come out completely zen and reborn

Relaxation massage: Lomi-lomi

Total relaxation of your entire body. Your body will be gently massaged with delicious massage oil of your choice. We start by lying on your stomach, then turn around on your back after we have massaged your entire front, turn around again and we end again with your neck, shoulders, back and finally your head. If you want total relaxation from head to toe with lots of oil, the Lomi-Lomi Massage is for you. With almost dancing movements is not only massaged with the hands but with hands and arms. At the same time you will be massaged shoulders and legs, stomach and calves. Deliciously to music you dream away to Lomi-Lomi paradise.

65 incl. Conversation, oil, towels, tea

65 euros

2. Tantra Massage:

A clearly intense massage, for those who want that little bit more.
Working with energy, let energy and massage lead you to a climax and then quickly back again and that is repeated. for more information request the Tantra info.

60 min 150 euros

incl. conversation, oil, towels, possibly hot stones, tea

It is important that you know what Tantra massage means,

Call for a brochure or request via e-mail


3. Hot Stones Massage:

First of all, anyone can undergo a hot stone massage, you do not need to have any special qualities or skills for this. Everyone (with or without chronic pain) also experiences this massage as very pleasant and it also helps people to relax without complaints or disorders.

However, this massage is particularly suitable for people with:

  • muscle and / or nerve pain (fibromyalgia)

  • stress, a burn out

  • joint problems

  • poor circulation / cold

  • back and / or neck complaints

  • people who feel a bit weak

  • general fatigue

It must be said that there are certain risks involved and it is not recommended to undergo this massage in people with the following complaints:

  • be careful with heart complaints, high and low blood pressure and diabetes.

  • careful with severe menopause symptoms, hot flushes.

  • open wounds and skin infections.

  • fever / flu.

  • in children, pregnant and elderly people pay attention to the temperature.

  • very sensitive skin, thin skin.

  • varicose veins.

  • cancer and other serious illnesses

  • if you cannot tolerate heat, eg .. also in a sauna.

  • the same contraindications as with a regular massage, see "for whom".

What does the hot stone massage do to you?

What this massage technique does to you is, for example, activating the body's self-healing ability (wound sealing, etc.). Afterwards, the organ functions are also stimulated and the metabolism is promoted. Finally, the hot stone massage is also very relaxing for the body and gives people a 'relaxed' feeling.

90 minutes

85 euros incl. Hot stones, oil and towels, tea

4. Reflexology: hands and feet

Foot reflexology (also reflexology or reflex zone therapy) is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine that assumes that all organs and body parts are connected to places on the feet. Reflexology divides the sole of the foot - some include the hands and ears - into zones that correspond to parts of the body such as the heart and liver and states that the massage of these zones restores an unimpeded energy flow throughout the body. and / or maintains, and that the sole of the foot can be felt with which corresponding organ something is wrong. Reflexology believes that energy flow is the basis of our health and that illness is said to be the result of energy blockages. However, this is contrary to modern medicine (pathology and physiology), which links disease to demonstrable pathogens such as viral and bacterial infections, or to factors of a genetic nature. Before we start, your feet will be washed in warm water.

60 minutes

60 euros, including towels, creams and oil and a delicious cup of tea afterwards.


5.-Therapeutic massage:

It's actually a special treatment.

How many times have you massaged your painful areas but haven't gotten rid of the pain that left you unhappy and disappointed? ... It just didn't go away! How is that possible? You probably couldn't lower the nervous tension, which was the cause of the pain or the contraction, so the treatment you received could not result in remarkable effects.

  • Treatment for anxiety step by step.

  • Treatment of panic attacks

  • Treatment for carpal tunnel

  • Treatment for sinusitis

  • Treatment for cruralgia - pain in the upper leg

  • Treatment for tingling in the arms and hands

  • Treatment for hip pain

  • Treatment for knee pain

  • Treatment for depression

  • Treatment for the groin

  • Treatment for menstruation

  • Treatment for pregnant women

  • Treatment for elbow

  • Treatment for shoulders

  • Treatment for Baker's cyst

  • Treatment for bunions = eating lumps

  • Treatment for ingrown nails

  • Treatment for ankle pain

  • Treatment for cellulite and stomach

  • Treatment lasts 60 minutes to 90 minutes

  • Price depends on treatment call for more information.

  • 70 euros for treatment


6 . Anti-cellulite and Cupping massage:

Cellulite is a long-term accumulation of fat cells in the body in combination with disturbed blood circulation and moisture removal. It is harmless but in many cases causes frustration. Via specialized massage - fat breakdown massage and cupping - we ensure that the waste products and the broken down fat cells are removed through an improved blood flow and extra stimulated lymph system. This type of massage is intensive with good results.

Cupping therapy is an incredibly ancient and universal treatment method that was common in the East and the West. In Shamanism, the primitive shamans specialized in sucking out diseases and weaknesses from the body by means of hollowed-out animal horns. Cupping was a way of removing poison from snake bites and wounds. The therapeutic uses of cupping have evolved over time under the influence of the diverse cultures that have adopted cupping. The horns were also replaced by bamboo cups, which were then exchanged for glass cups.
The oldest references to the use of cupping come from China. Along with Tuina massage, acupuncture and herbs. Cupping is part of these traditional body works and physiotherapy of Chinese medicine. Writings from 28 after. Chr. and a traditional saying claims that acupuncture and cupping cure more than half of ailments. Cupping is applied to the acupuncture points. According to Chinese medicine, cupping stimulates blood circulation and clears chi blockages. Cupping also prevents pathogenic external influences from getting a grip on someone with a weakened physical condition. a weakened physical condition is often the result of a weakened “Jing Chi” which stands for essential vital life energy. This can then lead to a weakened "Whey Chi" or immune system. Cupping would also have been used in China for operations to divert the blood away from the place where the surgery was performed. The Bellabaci massage is without bruising as with traditional cupping therapy. If we let the cups stand, you will of course get this “Cup Kiss”. This massage is done with the help of Bellabaci medicinal silicone vacuum cups, by squeezing the center of the cup and placing it on the skin, a vacuum is created in the cup when it is slowly released. By moving the cups in a certain order, a new successful treatment has been developed. This new treatment has a relaxing and healing effect. It loosens adhesions, it removes waste and moisture and brings oxygenated blood to stagnant muscles and the skin. This treatment can be integrated in many massages.
Cupping 75 euros

What is Cupping? Cupping is a method in which a cup made of glass, bamboo or earthenware is applied to the surface of the skin. It can be heated or the air is drawn out.

This nourishes muscles and skin (blood circulation) and removes waste products, resulting in complete relaxation. Waste products in the body are drawn to the surface of the skin with this treatment, so that the body can get rid of waste products better. After the treatment, red / deep purple spots can be seen on the places where the bulbs were stuck. This is a normal phenomenon. The spots disappear on their own after a few days. The treatment is not painful, but it can feel uncomfortable due to the tightened skin.

All kinds of health benefits are attributed to cupping. Some athletes use cupping because they believe it aids their recovery. In addition, it would help with many ailments. From headaches, colds and insomnia to back pain, depression and infertility.

With vacuum massage, the skin is massaged by means of a cup in such a way that deep-lying subcutaneous fat deposits, adhesions and toxins are loosened and removed. Due to the improved blood flow, lymph drainage, cell division and collagen production, the skin will look a lot firmer and healthier. Vacuum massage is therefore ideal for improving and removing cellulite, stretch marks and loose skin.

60 minutes

75 euros including towels, creams and oil and a delicious cup of tea afterwards

7. Salt Scrub:

  A massage all over the body and instead of oil we use salt. A salt scrub is the salt used as an exfoliant that scrubs away dead skin and makes your skin soft and smooth. ... You can choose a coarse grain or a fine grain.

60 minutes

including towels, and shower after massage. afterwards you will be smeared with a soft cream and then enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

70 euros

8. Aromatherapy massage:

This is a massage just like the relaxation massage, but here oil is made specifically for you for complaints, physical but also emotional. Emotional complaints are often caused by complaints from organs or vice versa. We follow the meridians and make oil there according to our own recipe.

60 min =

Price 65, -euro

9. Head, neck and back massage

Back pain and neck pain often go together. And while not a serious condition, they often cause a lot of pain and discomfort. In fact, about 95% of our clients come up with these complaints and about two-thirds of the entire population has neck or shoulder pain at some point in their lives.

These problems can be caused by poor posture when sitting or standing, uncomfortable bending, or lifting incorrectly. In most cases, back pain will improve in a few weeks or months, although some people experience long-term pain or pain that keeps coming back. A massage relaxes the muscles and you temporarily get rid of the pain, but it also appears that if you regularly undergo a short massage, they become more aware of their posture and the pain disappears.

Massage duration between 30 and 45 min

. Price 45 euros.

N New:

Face Massage with Layuna MassagerLayuna Massager works wonders to give you a youthful face, relieve stress and give total skin and body rejuvenation! Whether as part of a facial or as a standalone experience, this wand will give you a natural, gentle facial tightening and revitalizing experience like never before! Completely natural, with no electronic gadgets, batteries, harmful radiation or even chemicals, the Layuna Massager is made with the healing metal of India-Kansa. That's where the tool's impressive power lies: in this golden, historic metal, Kansa.

This particular bar is a medium sized bar, very versatile and great to use on the face, feet and rest of the body

40 minutes EUR 65.00

Acupuncture massage with frequency sound.

It works with meridians, they are the same points that an acupuncturist punctures. But instead of needles I massage on the particular point indicated for your ailment or disease, While I massage the particular mesridian, a frequency sound is played that is meant for this meridian. It has been found that different frequencies are present in different parts of your body. For example, the kidneys have a different frequency than the heart. Different meridian points have different sound frequencies. Because the body consists of 60% water and water conducted frequencies. It has been found to work very well but is quite intensive.

75 euros

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